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War veterans need your help to dedicate a memorial to fallen Vietnam War soldiers

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Members of the CSRA Vietnam War Memorial Initiative are recognizing fallen soldiers who died protecting this country.

They told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson they are building a memorial for those who served in the Vietnam War because many have forgotten.

"Do people in Augusta realize that there are over 15,000 people from the CSRA that served in Vietnam?" asked retired Navy veteran, Bobby Hawes. "160 of these people came home in a casket."

The space behind the Korean Memorial Wall have will a monument recognizing those soldiers.

Army veteran, Dr. James Brady says it will allow those who served in the war to get the thanks they deserve. 

"We have 15,000 living Vietnam veterans in the CSRA who were not treated properly and not recognized properly when they came back from Vietnam," explained Brady. "It's our chance now locally to say thank you one final time."

Members of the CSRA Vietnam War Memorial Initiative raised more than $42,000 to fund the project. But, they need the help from the people in the community to reach their goal of $67,000 to place the memorial on 4th street.

Hawes, who served 20 years in the Navy, says it's needed because 160 people from the CSRA died, many he calls brothers.

"They paid the price," said Hawes. "They spent a year of their life over there when they could've been home in the CSRA with their families."

Brady told Devin about a Vietnam veteran he met growing up.

He says the vet was grateful for his kind words but was still upset that his country forgotten about him and others who served.

Even though Brady didn't serve in the Vietnam War, he wants to honor those who feel left out like the soldier he met years ago.

"I am not a Vietnam War veteran, but I'm very committed to making this memorial happen to honor what they did, what they gave and what they sacrificed," said Brady.

Click here to help The CSRA Vietnam War Memorial Initiative place the memorial on 4th street.

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