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Nine-year-olds raise $700 to help kids buy books at school's book-fair

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) - "We're a group who decided one day at recess, we want to help our school," explained Kennedy Cobb.

Kennedy Cobb, Layla Havens, and Claire Graybeal are fourth graders at Hammond Hill Elementary School.

They came up with a name " The Helping Bees" because they like help to people.

They buzzed into action when they found out some kids in their school won't be buying books at the book fair due to a lack of resources. So the girls hosted a bake sale to help their peers.

"Since the book fair is a really big event, we thought everyone should have a book to be a part of it," said Graybeal. 

The girls set up a goal to help 50 kids. After quickly meeting that goal, they increased it to 75 kids. Now they want to help 100 kids. In 11 days they have raised more than 700 dollars.

"The funds are going to Hammond Hill for books," said Havens. "It's for kids who don't have book fair money."

Layla's mom says she can't believe the amount of work her daughter and friends put in at their age.

"We're talking about three nine-year-olds," explained Brittany Havens. "I wasn't sure if they were 100 percent for it and knew what kind of time it was going to take to raise the funds. They were dead set on it; they had a plan, they were on a mission." 

The Helping Bees tell NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson, they want to make their school a better place for all students.

"We just wanted to help out our school because next year we will be in fifth grade," said Havens. "We all wanted to help out before we go to fifth grade."

The Helping Bees will have another bake sale coming soon. 

Click here to learn more about their mission or how to donate.

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