A heat wave is impacting much of the nation on the first day of Summer! Widespread 95+ degree temperatures are expected from Minnesota down to Florida over the next few days.

On Wednesday, many locations, including Augusta and the CSRA, will reach the triple digits.

This is a classic ridge of high pressure weather set up. High pressure causes sinking air, which heats up and is then trapped at this surface. This leads to a “heat dome” across a large area. The high was originally located in the Northeast, and is now moving towards the Mississippi Valley. The high will bring us dry, northwest flow over the next couple of days. This will keep humidity on the low side, which means we will experience more of a dry heat compared to last week. The forecasted high is 100 degrees for both Wednesday and Thursday in Augusta, with a heat index remaining under 108. For a Heat Advisory to be issued in our area, the heat index needs to reach 110 degrees.

Remember that even though we likely won’t be under a Heat Advisory, this heat can still be very dangerous. Heat is the leading weather related fatality in the United States, especially amongst children and elderly. Be sure to stay hydrated, limit outdoor activities, stay in the air-condition as much as possible, and wear lightweight and light-colored clothing. Also, never leave children and pets in a parked vehicle since it heats up very quickly.

On Thursday, a cold front will move into the CSRA which will give a bit of relief by Friday, dropping temperatures into the mid 90s. This will also raise humidity though, keeping heat indices in the triple digits to finish out the week.