AS OF MIDNIGHT: The cold front passes through tonight, but a few showers may linger south of I-20 Saturday morning. Rainfall totals will vary between 0.25′′ and 1′′, with the highest amounts throughout our northwestern counties. The morning low will be close to 50 degrees, while the afternoon high will only be near sixty degrees. When drier and colder air moves in during the afternoon on Saturday, the skies start to clear. Temperatures are forecast to drop into the lower to mid-30s on Sunday morning, with a freeze possible for McCormick, Edgefield, and Saluda counties. On Sunday, the sky will be mostly sunny and the highs will be in the 50s. A freeze is possible Monday and Tuesday mornings when temperatures drop to freezing or just below. The cold air will not last long, as temperatures will rise to the 70s and 80s later in the week and into next weekend. Showers and storms move in Friday night into next weekend. It is still too early to determine whether or not there will be severe weather.