As of 6PM Tuesday- It was a nice and sunny Tuesday with warm temperatures. Now that the sun is setting, there are more clouds moving in from the west. The clouds are ahead of a cold front that is posing a severe weather threat for western Georgia later this evening. Fortunately for us, the front will weaken significantly by the time it reaches the CSRA. Only light rain showers are expected tomorrow morning from around 2AM-7AM. Under a quarter of an inch of rain is expected. Before noon, the sun will return with breezy conditions.

High temperatures will stay above average the next couple of days and then will drop to the upper 60s and low 70s over the weekend and Halloween. Tomorrow morning will be chilly due to cold air moving in behind the front, with lows in the 40s. The rest of the week will have mild mornings in the 50s due to overnight clouds.

We will be watching a low pressure area in the Gulf that will move into the south on Friday. Our cloud cover will increase on Friday and rain is on the way for Saturday evening. Sunday will be the rainiest and cloudiest day, with a few more showers early Monday morning. The rain should end by Halloween evening!