Waves lap over Thurmond Dam during high winds Friday


Thurmond Dam, S.C. (WJBF) – A viewer captured Friday afternoon the effect 30 mph winds can have on the waters of Thurmond Lake when it is three feet into flood storage.

While the viewer, Billy Ryan, who filmed from the scene from the South Carolina side, said he was not concerned, the sight of water breaking over the top of the dam in high winds was still enough for him to get out his cell phone and press record.

Lake levels have stayed steadily above full pool throughout the months of February and March, as large amounts of rain have caused area-wide flooding, both from rising water and standing water.

Since December, double the amounts of normal rainfall have inundated the CSRA.

Despite public notification warning that if certain rain levels were reached during periods of heavy rainfall the Corps would be compelled to open the dam’s 23 flood gates, those levels were never reached, with the Corps slowing the release of reservoir water it ran through the dam’s generators, water which quickly evacuates into the Savannah River.

Officials with the Army Corps of Engineers have said that protecting the communities below Thurmond Dam has been a major priority throughout this heavy season of rain.

Thurmond Dam is the Corp’s last point of control on the Savannah River, which runs wild the rest of its course before joining the Atlantic Ocean.

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