Friday Morning Update:

Temperatures are much warmer than normal for this time of the year, with mid 50s to low 60s to start your day. It’s mostly cloudy outside now, but we’ll see some sunshine later on this morning with partly cloudy skies during the afternoon. We will warm up into the low 80s.

This weekend will be mostly sunny and still warm. Next Monday will be the warmest day of the week, but then changes come on Halloween. There will be a cold front headed our way which will bring in some much cooler air. The timing of the front is still uncertain, along with the amount of rain associated with it.

As of now, going with a high of 75 degrees for Halloween with temperatures falling into the 40s overnight. Also giving it a 30% chance of rain for Tuesday evening. Keep in mind that this would be during trick-or-treat time. There is the possibility that there could be more rain than this, or none at all. We will have a better grasp of this forecast as we get closer to the date. A few showers could linger into Wednesday morning as well. The temperatures will fall much more starting Wednesday. Highs will go into the upper 50s and lows will be in the mid 30s. This means we could have our first frost of the year next week. Stay with us for updates!