VIPIR 6 ALERT DAYS THROUGH SUNDAY MORNING: As of 7:30AM, the cold front is centered right across the CSRA. Behind it, temperatures are falling below freezing. The wind chill is in the teens in our northwest counties, and in the mid 20s in Augusta. There have been several power outages and trees have fallen due to very high winds up to 45 mph. The winds are the strongest now along the front, but will still gust between 25-35 mph all day even once it passes.

Temperatures will keep falling all day today. Augusta could see the upper 20s by the late morning. Tonight, it will be very frigid and blustery. Low temperatures will be anywhere from 8 to 16 degrees across the CSRA. When you factor in the winds, it will be feeling like 0 to -8 degrees early Saturday morning.

Time is running out to cover your pipes. Temperatures will stay below freezing for the majority of the next three days, so pipes could easily freeze. Bring pets inside now and keep them inside through Christmas morning. It’s also important that you stay inside as much as possible, especially when the wind chill nears 0 degrees. When you are outside, bundle up! Don’t just wear a jacket, but also gloves, scarves, and hats.

The good news is that we won’t have any winter precipitation or rain Christmas weekend. The sun is already coming out behind the front, and it will stick around for a while. Since we had a decent amount of rain fall yesterday, there is a slight chance that black ice could form in poor drainage areas. This is not a concern for major roadways.

Temperatures will steadily rise next week. Highs will eventually reach the 60s, and near 70 degrees on New Years Day next weekend!