Tuesday night – Wednesday morning….Widespread FREEZE WARNING. Subfreezing temperatures expected for the entire CSRA.
Wednesday night – Thursday morning…FREEZE WATCH. Widespread subfreezing temperatures likely for the CSRA, except for two counties. Freeze Warning will likely be issued tomorrow.
Temperatures will likely drop further than what was originally expected. It all depends on the winds… If they become calm (3 mph or lower), temperatures could fall into the mid 20s. The timeframe for this is between 6-9AM. Tomorrow morning will be the coldest of the 3 days.
The National Weather Service’s Frost and Freeze Program resumed on March 1st. This is why Freeze Watches and Warnings are now being issued again. Subfreezing temperatures will unfortunately impact Spring crops, especially peach trees since buds are at a very tender point in their early growth. The average date of the last spring freeze for Augusta is March 28th.
It is important to remember the 4 P’s during a freeze: People, Pets, Plants, and Pipes.