4PM Tuesday- It was another beautiful sunny, but chilly, day! Conditions are changing shortly as a strong low pressure system is approaching from the west…Wednesday is a Vipir 6 Alert Day due to potential severe weather and heavy rain.

Temperatures will briefly drop to the low 40s tonight, but rise overnight to the low 50s with an increase in clouds. This is happening because of a warm front passage, which will bring afternoon temperatures into the upper 60s and low 70s. The warmer air will help fuel thunderstorm development, however instability is still going to be on the lower side. The timeline of the severe weather threat is around 8AM-3PM, but scattered showers will occur practically all day long. The biggest concern is damaging winds of 60 mph, which could bring trees or powerlines down. There is a low, isolated tornado threat and the risk of flooding is low, with just 1-2″ of rain expected.

The sun will be back for Thursday and Friday with below average temperatures in the low 50s. Morning temperatures will drop to below freezing. By Saturday night, clouds will take over again with a very cloudy stretch into the first week of February. There will be scattered showers around from Sunday to Thursday with mild temperatures.