As of 5PM Wednesday: While the skies are starting to open back up for this evening, that was not the case earlier today. A cold front brought in some strong storms in the morning and afternoon hours. And cooled us off to the mid to upper 80s. That could be the case tomorrow as well with a cold front bringing many clouds, storms, and heavy rain.

A VIPIR 6 ALERT DAY HAS BEEN ISSUED FOR TOMORROW: Storms should start around 12pm, and last until 6pm. We will have a small break before stronger storms return along a frontal line. These will start around 8pm, and las until midnight Friday morning. The main concerns with this will be heavy rain, and flooding. With all the rain we’ve already received, flooding is a major issue which could arise from the very heavy rain expected tomorrow. Remember turn around don’t drown, you never know how deep water is, and could get stuck.

Our second concern is damaging winds, we could have gusts of at least 60mph, which could down branches, trees, and powerlines. Since the ground is so soft already with the heavy rain already fallen, and more on the way, some winds could uproot trees in certain areas. Please be cautious on the roads.

There is a chance for small hail, which would be penny sized and below. We do not expect severe hail, which is golf ball and above. There is currently no chance for tornadoes.