As of 6:30PM Saturday: It was a warm and muggy morning, with temperatures in the mid 70s. We had even more sunshine this morning, than yesterday. It only shows that we’ve finally returned to summer. However, with that came a lot of instability. The excessive amount resulted in some fairly strong storms, and even severe storms outside our viewing area. The good news with these storms are that they are cooling us off. We should’ve been in the mid 90s today in Augusta, but thanks to the showers and storms, we were in the low 90s. That wasn’t the case everywhere many places without rain were in the upper 90s today. The rest of this evening will be fairly warm, with muggy conditions into the night and morning.

With the typical summer setup, we will have the possibility of a few pop up showers and storms for this week. These will typically start around 1pm, and get stronger into the evening. Depending on the situation and the amount of instability due to sunshine, we could see some fairly strong storms.