As of 8:30AM: A close to average start for us in the CSRA with temperatures in the low 70s and upper 60s. The humidity is way up, with patchy fog in many areas, but that should clear up from around 9am-10am. Temperatures will be in the upper to mid 80s for today, with the heat index well into the 90s. Skies are mostly sunny for now, but the clouds will build into the rest of the morning, with partly cloudy skies dominating by the afternoon hours. Luckily for us, the chance of storms and showers is lower than the last few days, that being said there will still be a few scattered storms in the late afternoon. You should be able to keep your Labor Day Weekend plans for the most part today, and tomorrow, but have a backup just incase it starts to rain. These showers and storms should only last around 20 to 30min and then you can get back to enjoying your weekend!

Sunday should be fairly similar to today, but the change comes Labor Day itself. The low pressure is staying west for now, but Monday it’ll be on the move, and build our cloud cover, and increase our storm chances. Monday is the day you will want to have a plan B, seeing as it will be cloudy for most of the day, with storms and showers almost all day.