Tuesday morning update: We’ve got a stunning fall day ahead of us! High temperatures are set to reach the lower to mid-70s, giving us the perfect opportunity to hit the pumpkin patch or corn maze. And when the sun sets, we’ll be treated to some crisp autumn air as the nighttime lows dip into the upper 40s. Get ready to soak up some serious sunshine vibes because the temperatures are about to skyrocket to the low 80s starting this Thursday and will be sticking around until next Monday. The overnight lows are going to rebound and settle in the mid-50s. Halloween is looking nice, with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 70s. A cold front will be approaching going into Wednesday, which could spark a few showers. Temperatures will be noticeably cooler, with highs in the upper 60s and lows in the low to mid-40s.