As of 4:30PM Wednesday: Temperatures are starting to get above average. Yesterday we were above average at 95 in Augusta, and today we will be closer to 96. Slowly getting more and more above average as the week continues. Skies will luckily have a few clouds to help alleviate some of the heat, but we would need heavy showers and storms to really cool off. This was the case almost all month long, where we should’ve been much warmer, but thanks to the showers we were cooler below average. This wont be the case for today, or even so much tomorrow and Friday. There are a chance of showers for these days, but they will be isolated, and not very strong. Only moderate to light rain, and hardly any storms.

Temperatures will climb in to the upper 90s due to this, however the weekend does have some relief. A front will bring storms and showers for Saturday, but also bring a little cooler more average air, which after a few days will get us back slightly below average once again.