11PM Sunday- It was a washout today with 0.25 -1.25″ of rain recorded. Rain was heavy at times, but we had no severe storms due to the lack of instability. The warm front stayed to our south with high pressure to our north. We are under a wedge of cold air with temperatures in the 40s and some patchy fog is around. It will stay cloudy and chilly through Monday morning but no more rain for the next several days.

There will be gradual clearing tomorrow with a rush of cold air coming in at night. We have issued Vipir 6 Alert Day for Tuesday and Wednesday mornings because of this. There is a Freeze Watch Monday night through Tuesday morning for Wilkes, Taliaferro, Hancock, Warren, and Glascock counties. Temperatures will likely fall into the upper 20s. I expect the rest of the CSRA to be included in Freeze Watch for Tuesday night into Wednesday Morning. There will be widespread upper 20s, so the entire CSRA needs to remember the 4 P’s this week: Protect people, pets, plants, and pipes. This will be the first freeze since the Spring growing season began.

We will have abundant sunshine during these cold days, with a quick warmup to end the work week. 70s will return but temperatures will cool down again over the weekend after rain comes through Friday night into Saturday morning.