11PM Monday- It was a warm and muggy day with partly cloudy skies and no rain. This morning, we tied a record temperature. Today’s low was 70 degrees, which also happened back in 1976. We are normally at 59 in Augusta for this time of the year, so this was a pretty “high” low! We reached the mid 80s in the afternoon which is right on track with average.

We’ll be in the mid 80s over the next couple of days with high dewpoints near 70. A cold front is approaching from the west, which will bring scattered storms tomorrow evening, starting around 6PM. Severe weather is not expected, but there will be some brief heavy downpours and gusty winds. The front will stall to our south, bringing more scattered storms Wednesday and Thursday. Speaking of Thursday- that will be a much cooler day! High pressure will settle along the east coast, which will bring us a northeast wind. Highs will only be in the 70s with mostly cloudy skies. This is a classic wedge setup.

Friday and Saturday will be dry with more sunshine. Showers will move back in Saturday night and will stick around through Monday. Temperatures will hover around average in the mid 80s.