As the week came to an end, the weather was pleasant and sunny. Similar to yesterday, today’s highs reached the lower 80s. Our first tropical storm of the season, Arlene, formed in the Gulf of Mexico and will have no effect on the CSRA. Clouds will be few and far between tonight, with lows in the 60s expected. Saturday’s highs will reach the upper 80s under predominantly sunny conditions. Expect lower 80s and a chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon when a cold front moves through. Dry weather and temperatures in the mid-80s will kick off the coming week. The likelihood of precipitation and storms will increase when a cold front moves in during the middle of the week. On Friday and Saturday of next week, the sun will shine again, but the following week will bring more stormy conditions. Daytime highs will be in the mid- to upper-80s.