Live Vipir 6 Forecast Sunday, September 27th, 2020


Cloudy and rainy today, and we can expect showers and potentially storms over the next few days. The tropics are fairly quiet, but you can still hear a faint roar, as several tropical waves are pushing through, one for instance was what caused our lower temperatures and showers. It is likely to pass us by and push out to sea tomorrow, but we will still have some showers and clouds from it lingering in. Tomorrow could end up having several isolated storms mostly to our south, but they could peak up. For tonight however we will be expecting some more clouds but by around 10 tonight they should clear a bit, much like last night, and then build once again for tomorrow morning. Temperatures tomorrow are expected to be cooler once more, but as a cold front comes near it will likely rise temperatures before we drop even further.

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