Live Vipir 6 Forecast Sunday November 15th, 2020


A cloudy day in the CSRA but after that front passes it’s going to be cooler, clearer, and a lot less humid. While we did have High pressure in the upper atmosphere helping fight back the cold, the high is now out to sea, and the colder air is creeping in. Without that direct line to moisture as well, the dewpoint will drop and so will the cloud cover. Sunnier skies are expected for much of next week, with only a few clouds coming back next weekend. Even with the 30th named storm raging in Mexico, Hurricane Iota will likely not effect us for a while, if even at all. While it’s path is similar to ETA to start, it seems unlikely at this stage to copy the path completely. Back in the CSRA tonight the clouds will slowly crawl out, leaving a beautiful sky behind it, cooler conditions will settle in however, with temperatures slowly returning to normal. They will be close tomorrow but eventually they will be around 10 degrees below average.

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