Live Vipir 6 Forecast Sunday May 30th, 2021


A fairly mild day in the CSRA. With temperatures not really breaking out of the 70s. and the skies extremely cluttered. The surface low stuck around circulating it’s left over moisture above our heads, but the clouds should clear out later on tonight, and we will have clear skies for tomorrow morning and much of Memorial Day. As we move through the rest of the week though, the clouds will return, as the potential for storms and showers looms over our heads. That upper level low hung around a lot farther south than we thought too, and as a result it was very cool today. Cooler temperatures are expected tonight also, but there is a warm up for Memorial Day itself, and temperatures look to be pretty consistent throughout the week. If you have been worried about how dry it has been lately, we wont have to worry for long, because later on this week, we could have a lot of rain, and potential storms, coming through which could start June off above average for rainfall.

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