Live Vipir 6 Forecast Sunday June 6th, 2021


A little quieter today, but showers are starting to pop up, and get some strength too. We have a few storms in the area giving off lightning, and more should pop up as we continue through the evening. Without that rain today, though, it was hot hot hot. The humidity was also extremely high, and we can expect more days like this, through the week, especially if we don’t get any rain to help cool us off, and precipitate some of the water vapor. It does look like tomorrow will have the most widespread rain and showers. The chances do go down pretty steadily as we continue through the week, but these are subject to change. The thing with convective showers and storms like these, are that they will pop up randomly. Luckily we know they don’t really get going until around 5pm. This is all thanks to the flow in the upper atmosphere. The flow is directing heat and moisture directly into the CSRA, which is also why it has been so humid lately. We could see a light at the end of the tunnel next week, with the chances of these storms dropping pretty dramatically, but at least to start the week, it will be very humid, and fairly stormy.

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