Live Vipir 6 Forecast Sunday January 10th, 2021


Another cool and now cloudy day in the CSRA. Another system will be here tomorrow morning, and it will bring scattered showers and a lot of clouds. It will also trip us up on getting warmer air, at least at first, but once it passes we should have a little bit of leeway for warmer air to flow northward from the gulf. It will still be below average and chilly until then, but we will once again be in the 60s, and above average to cap off the week. This system, shouldn’t be much to worry about, moderate to light rain, and some breezy conditions, but based on what we’ve seen so far, it’ll be like a drizzle. Temperatures should also stave off freezing precipitation, luckily, so we shouldn’t see any ice or snow falling, but we could see a few puddles freeze overnight on bridges and overpasses, so be wary Tuesday morning. Temperatures tonight will be warmer than last night, and in many places average, but the highs tomorrow wont be telling the same story, as we remain below average and on the chillier side.

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