Live Vipir 6 Forecast Sunday December 13th, 2020


A cloudy day in the CSRA but luckily we did have some sun poking through. We will end up seeing the clouds take over once more, and we will remain cloudy until tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures are luckily warm right now and we are going to see the above average conditions we are feeling continue into tomorrow. However, the cold air from the north will will the fight against our high pressure to the south, and the cold air will sweep in and dominate us. Seeing a return to the freezing mornings we had seen before. We are luckily dry at the surface which will help keep out the evening and morning fog, and keep us comfortable, but more moisture is creeping in and the showers tomorrow will add to the moisture issue. Luckily once the showers pass by drier air will replace once again, and it’ll be cooler, and drier. We expect just clouds tonight, with potential for a few showers in the north of the CSRA, but the showers will push more south as we head into Monday morning. Heat will remain, until the showers are completely gone, and the front passes through. Therefore Tuesday is the day that we will see a return to chilly conditions.

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