Live Vipir 6 Forecast Saturday June 5th, 2021


Some much needed showers crossed our path today, which greatly helped our fight against the drought! We are now above average for the month of June, and we are setting up a nice cushion for ourselves in case we head into another dry patch. Temperatures right now are fairly cool and that is mostly due to the evaporational cooling associated with rainfall. It actually feels fairly nice out, even though there is still a lot of humidity now thanks to those showers, but with more rain, the less humidity we will see. We do expect more rain and storms later into the week. Convective showers and storms will continue to pop up over the next few days thanks to all the moisture we have from the gulf, and the heat we are seeing from there as well. It looks like we could be having a break from the rain potential later next week, but there is still a small chance. Hopefully we can have our cake and eat it too, by having it rain overnight, so day time activities wont be effected. Temperatures are still likely to hang near average and jump above occasionally. This is mostly in part to the heat flowing in from the south, but we could have a low to our west cool us off just a bit. Overall this coming week will be very similar to last week.

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