As of 5:30PM Friday: A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for every county in our viewing area. As of now we are in the light rain event, but things are starting to freeze over in Aiken county. This is a touch and go system, with multiple breaks in it, but overall it is going to be a light event, even with the wintry conditions start to pick up later tonight. Temperatures tonight will likely get into the upper 20s, which will mean freezing is extremely likely especially along road ways. This is when we expect much of the snow to fall, and to stick more towards those roadways. Wind chills are likely to be extremely cold in the teens, and even in single digits toward Mcormick, and Saluda counties.

We actually have a decent likelihood of actually seeing snow tonight, we could end up seeing around 0.5″-1.5″ in the northern and central counties. With freezing rain being the main antagonist in the southern counties, expecting around 0.10″-0.15″. Please stay off the roads tonight if you can, and if you can’t, take it slow. If you feel you start to slide make sure you turn into the skid, meaning turn your wheel the way your back wheels are going to stabilize. Also remember to never slam your breaks, just pump them if you need to slow down, or let friction bring your car to a stop.