As of 5PM Wednesday- Category 1 Hurricane Lisa is currently making landfall in Belize, packing 85 mph winds. Lisa will move northwest into Mexico, losing strength, and will eventually enter the Bay of Campeche has a tropical depression. After, that it will dissipate.

Category 1 Hurricane Martin also has 85 mph winds, but fortunately is not impacting land. Martin will have a long life-span, strengthening to a category 2 early tomorrow morning. It will travel into the North Atlantic and soon loose its tropical characteristics. This will still be a strong extratropical cyclone though that will head towards the United Kingdom over the weekend.

The East Coast of the United States should monitor an area of potential development in the Atlantic. There is 20% chance that a broad area of low pressure could develop within 5 days. This disturbance will likely drift towards the Northwest and could bring rain and clouds to the Georgia and South Carolina coastline starting next week. We will keep you updated on if this becomes a tropical system.