The tropics are finally heating up! This was expected since we are now near the peak of hurricane season. We are watching four potential areas of development across the Atlantic- none of which are an immediate concern to the United States.

  1. A broad area of low pressure over the central Atlantic will have slow development over the next few days. It will move WNW at 5-10 mph, headed north of the Leeward Islands. Chance of development: 48 hours: 50%…5 days…80%

2. A small area of low pressure is located well to the east of Bermuda. Development should be limited as it drifts south to southward, staying in the Atlantic. Chance of development: 48 hours…10%…5 days: 10%

3. A tropical wave is expected to move off the coast of Africa by tomorrow. Gradual development is possible as it moves WNW into the Atlantic. Chance of development: 48 hours…10%…5 days: 30%

4. A trough of low pressure could develop off the coast of Central America in the Northwestern Caribbean Sea. Chance of development: 48 hours…0%…5 days…20%

Our next named storm will be called Danielle.