Sunday Morning Tropics Update- FRED, GRACE, and Another Disturbance…

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As of 10:30 PM Sunday- Yesterday, Fred’s center was dislocated after moving over the rough terrain of Cuba and it was downgraded to just remnants. This morning, the Hurricane Hunters flew back into the storm and found a low pressure center. With wind speeds at 40 mph, Fred has been declared a Tropical Storm once again. However, it is still looking disorganized, with all the convection on the eastern side. Fred is moving slowly towards the NNW. The track has shifted slightly more to the east, but an Alabama landfall is still possible. It should reach the coastline of either Alabama and Florida late Monday night. Fred is still not expected to reach hurricane status, and should remain as a fairly weak tropical storm. We will see impacts from Fred Monday and Tuesday, but fortunately, the worst of the storm will be to our west. More details in your full forecast on the main weather tab.

Tropical Storm Grace still remains disorganized. Wind speeds are at 40 mph as it approaches Puerto Rico. The track shows Grace passing through the Caribbean, which will make significant changes to the track and intensity. As of now, the National Hurricane Center is forecasting Grace to strengthen slightly, but overall remain as a tropical storm. By Friday, it should still be in the Gulf Of Mexico, away from land. It is possible that at this point, Grace could either strengthen, or dissipate. Grace’s path doesn’t really look to effect is directly, as it is likely it will head toward Texas.

Finally, there is a low pressure area off northeast of Bermuda that is producing more organized showers and storms. It is at a 90% chance of development over both 48 hours and 5 days. It will most likely develop into the 8th tropical depression very soon, but as we approach Tuesday, upper level winds could impede it’s growth.

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