As of 8AM Sunday morning, Tropical Storm Ian has 50 mph winds and its moving WNW at 12 mph. It’s located south of Jamaica and will be moving across the Caribbean the beginning of this week. By the middle of the week, it will strengthen over the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico, and could potentially be a major, category 4 hurricane.

The path has shifted to the west, with the landfall now looking to be more so around the Big Bend of Florida instead of more populated areas such as Tampa. It will also likely be a weaker landfall, with just category 1 strength. Regardless, damaging impacts are still possible across Florida. We will also likely have some impacts from the outer rain bands of Ian here in the CSRA. At that point, it should be just a tropical storm or low pressure area though. Anticipate clouds, heavy rain, and some storms anytime from late Thursday-early Sunday. Stay with us all of next week for updates as we get closer to the time of landfall.