Hurricane Danielle is still a category 1 with 85 mph winds. It is now over cooler water and is showing signs of weakening. Danielle will downgrade to a tropical storm within the next couple of days. It will stay in the middle of the Atlantic and not impact land.

Tropical Storm Earl is located to the north of Puerto Rico with 65 mph winds. It will strengthen throughout this week, likely becoming a hurricane by Wednesday. It may even be our first major hurricane of the season, reaching category 3 status by Friday. Fortunately, this storm is moving to the north and then northeast, staying far away from the United States. Earl could bring some significant impacts to Bermuda though.

There is wave that formed off the African Coast which has a 20% chance of development over 48 hours and 50% chance over 5 days. It will move Northwest towards TS Earl and could become our next depression by the end of the week.