The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins Wednesday, June 1st. Over the past few days, we have been watching an Eastern Pacific storm develop. This became Hurricane Agatha, which made landfall in Mexico Monday evening as a category 2. As it moves over the rough terrain of Mexico, it is weakening. As of Tuesday, it is now the Remnants of Agatha. The system will soon exit into the Gulf, where it enters more favorable conditions for development. It has a 30% chance of development over 48 hours, and a 70% chance of development over 5 days. There is a high chance it will become a Tropical Depression as it moves Northeast. Regardless of development, this system will likely bring heavy rain to the Caribbean over the next few days, and make its way towards Cuba and Florida by Friday and Saturday. If it strengthens into a tropical storm, it would be the first named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. The storm would be named Alex.