The tropics are very active! As of Friday evening, we have three tropical storms, a post-tropical cyclone, and a tropical wave with possible development.

All eyes are on our newest tropical storm, named Ian. This is the storm that is just to the south of the Dominican Republic. Ian is showing signs of rapid intensification as it travels towards the Gulf of Mexico. By Monday, it should reach hurricane strength, and a major hurricane is possible by Tuesday. The cone of uncertainty is still very large, including the majority of Florida. A Tampa Bay landfall looks to be the most likely though- sometime on Wednesday. If the storm makes landfall more to the west, we will see some impacts in the CSRA. As of now, rain and storms are possible late Thursday-late Saturday, but the intensity and exact location is very uncertain. If Ian makes landfall further east, its possible we could have no impacts at all since the outer bands would stay out in the Atlantic. Stay with us this upcoming week for updates.

Fiona was a major hurricane earlier today, but is now a post-tropical cyclone. Wind speeds are still of category 2 hurricane strength, but it has technically lost its tropical characteristics now that it is in Canada. Heavy rain is impacting Nova Scotia and Newfoundland now. Fiona will continue moving north with decreasing wind speeds until Monday.

In addition to Ian and Fiona, we have Tropical Storm Gaston which is out in the middle of the Atlantic and will move slowly towards the west and then downgrade to a depression by the middle of the week. There is also Tropical Storm Hermine along the coast of Africa. This storm will downgrade to a depression by the end of the weekend and not make it far past Africa.

Lastly, there is a tropical wave to the east of the Cabo Verde Islands with a 20% chance of development in 48 hours and 30% within 5 days.