Hot & Stormy Tuesday, Tracking The Tropics


As of 6PM Monday- We had severe storms today in Edgefield and Hancock counties. These warnings are now expired, but there are still storms producing some heavy rain across the northern half of our area. It was hot today, with temperatures reaching the mid 90s and feeling like over 100 degrees. For areas that are getting the rain, it has cooled down to the 80s. Expect this pattern to continue for the rest of the week- scattered storms, with temperatures reaching the mid 90s. The heat index will stay between 100-105 degrees. We are not under a heat advisory at this time, but it is possible. If you work outside, keep a lot of water with you and try to wear light colored and light weight clothing.

Potential Tropical Cyclone Six has 35 mph wind speeds, but still appears disorganized so it is not yet a named storm. The National Hurricane Center is forecasting this disturbance to become a tropical storm by tomorrow, and then weaken to a depression as it passes through the Caribbean and encounters some dry air. As of now, the track has it moving into the Gulf of Mexico, along the west coast of Florida this weekend. For us, this means the start of next week could be very rainy, but of course its still very early out. In addition to this system, there is another wave off the coast of Africa that is at a 20% chance of development over the next 5 days. Continue to stay with us for updates, on air and on the web.

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