As of 8AM Saturday- This morning started out cold and sunny. Temperatures will warm into the mid 70s this afternoon though with high clouds moving in. Tomorrow will have a slightly warmer start- in the mid 40s, and once again making it into the 70s later on. It will be a sunny Sunday! Both days will have wind gusts under 20 mph with no rain. Overall, a hole in one weekend!

Monday will be nice and warm as well, but the forecast changes Tuesday…Widespread rain showers are expected throughout the day with some heavy downpours and thunderstorms. At this time, there is a possibility of severe weather, and we will have the risk fine tuned as we get closer to the date. Scattered showers will likely continue into Wednesday and Thursday as well.

The sun will return by the end of the week with temperatures a bit cooler in the upper 60s for Saturday.