As of 6:30PM Sunday- Temperatures were freezing this morning in the 20s across the entire CSRA! High humidity and the wind made it feel even colder! Luckily we did warm up into the mid 50s today, and temperatures are going to stay in the 50s at least to start the coming work week..

Sun sticks around into Monday but there is a chance of rain. It’s looking like that the low developing will stay towards the south. The rain will be light and there is no flooding or severe concern. The next chance of rain will be Friday. There is potential for a wintry mix Friday night into Saturday, but it looks fairly light, and as of now isn’t as much of a concern. We expect things to warm up a bit more by then, and the wintry mix potential to be gone completely.

Temperatures will remain below average all week long with highs in the 40s-50s and lows in the 20s-30s.