4PM Tuesday- We are done with the rain, but won’t see the sun just yet. Instead, now we have very foggy conditions across the CSRA. Visibility will drop as low as 0 miles tonight and tomorrow morning. This is due to a lot of moisture in the area. There is a warm front draped right across Augusta, where temperatures are in the low 60s. To the north of the front, temperatures are in the low 50s, and to the south, we’re seeing low 70s! This crazy temperature gradient won’t last for long, as conditions will become more consistent overnight with lows in the mid 50s. Tomorrow, the entire CSRA will reach 70+ degrees. It will be a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy day once the fog lifts in the morning.

Temperatures rise a bit more Thursday, near 80 in some spots! This will be our sunniest day of the week, but there will still be some clouds. Lows will stay in the mid 50s over the next several days. On Friday, another front will swing through, bringing a few showers in the evening and a cool down for the weekend. Highs will be back in the low to mid 60s through all of next week. It looks the next week could be similar to the start of this one- meaning cloudy conditions, cool temperatures, and light showers.