As of 6:30PM Saturday- We had sunnier skies to start, but that wont be how we end our day, as storms and showers will likely pop up until late tonight. These were thanks to a cold front which came early enough to help cool us down a little. Temperatures should’ve been in the mid 90s, but we ended up in the mid to upper 80s for much of the CSRA. Since we had so much rain and many storms already, it is unlikely, anything new that could pop up will be strong or severe, so really expect showers for the most part to close out our day.

Sunday will be a little hotter with fewer storms around. As the cold front retreats back to the north, the storms will be more isolated. There is a chance of isolated showers on Monday, but with the cold front expected to be out of our area, we will have a small chance. Temperatures will stay fairly consistent in the mid 90s.