Drought Spreads, Temperatures Stay High, Bad Combination…


As of 5pm Thursday: Another warm day in the CSRA with highs in the mid to upper 70s. We will likely be cooling off into the mid 40s tonight, with skies staying very clear. While clear skies and warm temperatures seem great, the fact that we had so little rain last month, and the low chance we have now, are a bad combination. Fire weather potential grows with each passing day, with special alerts being issued across both Georgia and South Carolina. Luckily the breezy conditions we saw today and yesterday are starting to calm, the rest of the day could see the potential for fires to pop up where dry grasses are present.

We do have hope on the horizon. There is a chance of rain Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. As of now it’s too soon to tell how they will play out. The dry air aloft could very well dry these systems out, and we could see very little, but current models suggest we could have a decent amount of rainfall.

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