As of 4:30PM Thursday: Today was a closer to average but still a little below. Temperatures were in the upper 80s lower 90s across the CSRA, but the heat index is still going very strong with the dew points in the 70s, making things feel very sticky. We have a few showers and storms popping up here and there this evening, but they aren’t going to be as widespread as we would like them to be. The drought has spread, and it’s getting worse, the majority of the CSRA is now under moderate drought, with some areas even in the severe drought range.

We have continued chances of showers and storms going into July. We are and will be well below average for the month of June by close to 2 inches. This is why we are in a drought, adding to the deficit we had in the beginning of the year. Most of these showers and storms will be scattered, and short lived. This means some areas will continue to see a lot of rain, while others get very little.