Category 5 Dorian Impacting the Bahamas as US Track Remains Uncertain


Hurricane Dorian is now a Category 5 storm with sustained winds at 175 mph. This monster storm is moving through the Bahamas at a very slow pace, which means damage there could be catastrophic. Not only will winds be high, but flooding will be a very dangerous issue.

Due to the storm’s slow pace, it’s still difficult to determine its long-term path. Models are still uncertain as to when this storm will make a turn northward, which will be the difference between landfall on the east coast or a storm that stays out in the Atlantic.

Most of that will depend on a ridge of high pressure in the Atlantic Ocean. Recently, models have been backing off on its strength, allowing Dorian to curve out to sea. Unfortunately, Sunday morning runs are giving power back to the pressure, showing Dorian possibly grazing Florida, if not more. We still need some time to see which scenario plays out.

As far as the CSRA is concerned, our forecast for this week will depend on the path. As it currently stands, we should be in for a relatively dry week if Dorian stays over the ocean and blocks moisture from getting to the region. We’d expect highs around 90 and mostly sunny skies.

If Dorian does track further to the west, we’ll see rain chances jump up significantly, especially for our eastern counties. Temperatures would also drop a few degrees based on increase cloud cover. Winds would of course increase as well. According to the National Hurricane Center, our southeastern counties have about a 33% chance of seeing Tropical Storm level winds.

With the forecast being in flux, make sure you stay tuned to WJBF, both on-air and online, for updates throughout the week.

-Meteorologist Micah Rumsey

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