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Labor Day weekend feels more like July than September as we're still dealing with hot and humid conditions.  Expect these conditions to be the holiday gift that keeps on giving as we move through the week.  If you're celebrating outside, make sure you stay cool and drink plenty of water.  We'll also be on the lookout for scattered showers and storms for Labor Day as well as most of the week, so keep your eyes on the radar and take things inside if lightning or any other dangerous weather conditions threaten your area.  It's a great time to download the free WJBF Live VIPIR 6 Weather App, which will warn you of incoming storms.  While the tropics have been almost completely quiet for the first half of hurricane season, the Atlantic is starting to make some noise.  We're still tracking Tropical Storm Florence in the Atlantic, which is expected to keep churning westward.  It's still way too early to know if it will impact the US, but we'll keep following it.  Another storm is likely to form in the gulf over the next few days.  Until it forms, we won't know its track and if it could bring storms to the CSRA.  Right now, early model indicators push the storm further to the west, but just like Florence, we'll keep tracking it and bring you updates.

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