Live VIPIR 6 Weather Forecast 8/20 PM

Daily Forecast

Showers and storms are moving into the region this evening and could last into the overnight hours.  We suggest staying indoors, but if you have to travel, please take extreme caution as some of these storms could produce gusty winds and heavy rain.  Tomorrow, we’re continuing our streak of heat and humidity with a high in the low 90s.  By the afternoon and evening, storms will roll through as a part of a cold front.  By Wednesday, skies will clear out and we’ll start to see some changes.  Highs will drop to the mid to upper 80s for the rest of the week starting on Thursday and dewpoints should drop to the 60s, making conditions much less humid.  We’ll also avoid anymore rain until the weekend.  While we won’t be moving into Fall just yet, we might be getting our first little taste of change as we move in that calendar direction.

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