Live VIPIR 6 Weather Forecast 5/18/19 PM

Daily Forecast

Hot.  That’s the week’s forecast in a single word.  It’s going to feel like summer this week and potentially into next week as well.  This heat wave is going to feature a lot of sunshine and very little chance for rain.  Our one chance for a few spotty showers comes on Monday.  The rest of the week features all that sunshine with climbing temperatures.  By the end of the work week, expect highs to climb into the upper 90s and potentially the triple digits.  We could very easily break some records for Memorial Day weekend.

With so many people expecting to be outside for the holiday weekend, it’s especially important to remember our heat safety tips.  Drink plenty of water and take breaks indoors or in the shade.  Do NOT leave any kids or pets in the car for any length of time.  Be sure to check on any neighbors, especially the elderly, if they don’t have A/C.  Heat is the leading killer as far as weather goes so make sure to take this seriously.

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