Live Vipir 6 Forecast Sunday November 29th, 2020

Daily Forecast

A cloudy day in the CSRA has now lead to the rainy evening. Showers are expected off and on for the entire CSRA until tomorrow morning. Some could be heavier at times, but luckily the stronger showers are going to be to our north. The cold air is coming, as we push forward tomorrow the cold will envelope us, and stay there for a pretty long time, at least until Thursday. The showers mentioned will be on and off throughout the evening, becoming more isolated overnight, and then stopping completely by 9am. Just clouds are expected to be left over when all’s said and done. The interesting story tonight will be that the lows tomorrow morning and the highs tomorrow in general. They will be taking place fairly close to each other, with only a slight warm up as the sun rises, but then a collapse throughout the day as final fronts move through. Temperatures tonight and tomorrow morning will reach around the low 60s and that will be our high as well. More warmth and average temperatures will return but to start the work week it will be cold and freezing. Especially overnight and into the morning, so when you head to work and school be sure to have those winter garments ready.

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