Live Vipir 6 Forecast Saturday, June 26th, 2021

Daily Forecast

Showers and Storms are starting to creep into the CSRA, some with heavy rain, and even some lightning. They will all likely pass us by around 9pm. The mositure that has been flooding in since yesterday, is starting to bear fruit, with more clouds, and of course those heavier showers entering the area. The tropics are also bearing fruit, with the disturbance gaining and losing strength with each passing day, this will certainly be a storm to watch. There is also a second disturbance which has its eyes on us and the Florida coast. However it could spin out to see thanks to high pressure in the Atlantic. These showers over the next few days are really going to be the things we have to worry about the most for now though. Luckily for us, tomorrow is shaping up to be much better, with fewer showers and acutally clearing skies. Tonight however, we will only have periods of showers, which are fairly isolated but scattered. I would recommend going out as early as possible to enjoy your stroll. Monday, looks a bit worse for wear, with more widespread showers coming through the area. The good news is, that the mositure we are seeing isn’t from the gulf, but from the atlantic, which means temperatures will be closer to average, as well as below!

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