Live Vipir 6 Forecast Saturday, June 19th, 2021

Daily Forecast

Tropical storm Claudette has downgraded to a tropical depression, but she will still pack a punch tomorrow, with frequent isolated storms becoming scattered and widespread as the day continues. There is potential for severe weather with these storms, but we are still only under marginal risk for severe weather. Heavy rain is really what we expect most with this storm, and gusty winds as well, and flooding of course is a possibility. We will luckily get a break overnight tonight, but those storms will be coming fast and strong all day tomorrow. As it passes by early Monday morning the chances for storms greatly decreases, but a cold front will push through, and with the leftover moisture from Claudette it is likely we will have strong storms associated with those on Tuesday. On the bright side Claudette is cooling us off pretty significantly with temperatures well below average today through Monday, and then with the front passing by it could cool us off once again.

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