As of 7AM Sunday- It is a very cold Sunday morning! A few towns are waking up to below freezing temperatures. A Frost Advisory is in effect for the CSRA with the exception of Emanuel and Johnson County. This expires at 9AM for the central and eastern counties and 10AM for the western counties. Temperatures are mostly in the low to mid 30s, so expect some frost on your windshields. Visibility is down to around 4 miles in the Metro due to patchy fog.

Despite the cold start, we actually have a very nice forecast today. We will warm up into the low 70s thanks to very sunny skies. Temperatures will climb all the way into the 80s on Monday, and will stay that way until next weekend. We are tracking showers on Thursday with a cold front passage. Over Easter weekend, low pressure will likely develop around our area. This will bring us showers and storms. Colder air will then move in the following week, bringing us back to the 70s.