As of 7:30AM: A very cold start to our day today, thanks to those windy conditions. We had a lake wind advisory which expired at 7am, but the winds are still fairly high, so the wind chill is in the 20s for some counties in the CSRA. The actual temperature is in the mid to low 30s across much of the area as well. Be sure to bundle up, and be sure to bundle your kiddos up, since todays high temperature will be around 50 as well. The wind is likely to stay fairly high all day, so we could see a wind chill even in the afternoon hours.

While the skies are going to be clear today and tomorrow, that wont be the case Sunday. More rain and even some storms are going to return overnight Sunday into Monday. Luckily this system will be much calmer than last Sunday, with no real chance of severe weather as of now.