As of 7:30AM Thursday: A very cold start to the day in the CSRA, but clear for many places. For some however there is dense fog to start. Downtown Augusta, for example, is one of the areas seeing this patchy dense fog. We should see it lift by 9am, but please use caution when driving through these areas, and do not use your high beams, it will make it harder to see. The low temperatures today was 33, which is below average so please make sure your bundle up today. We are likely to actually get back above average for our highs today. While today is going to be a clear day for the most part, more clouds will build into the evening, eventually leading to showers and a few storms.

This wont be the last time we see showers or storms for the week. We will have another low pressure system cross over the CSRA Sunday. Luckily this one so far looks weaker than the one last Sunday. That being said, we will still experience heavy rain, strong winds, and even see some storms. It is too soon to say if things will get severe, but there is always potential with systems like these. Luckily it should pass by overnight so it shouldn’t impact our days too dramatically.